A Building Consultant is an expert who advises and consults the planning, architectural designs, refurbishment, conservation, renovation and extension to all kinds of buildings. In addition to that, a professional Building Professional provide services related to the protection and management of the property.

A good Building Consultant can involve throughout the lifecycle of a property. And throughout their tenure, they continuously redevelop the property else it may become obsolete. Not only residential or office buildings, but Building Consultants also help in renovating the Historic Buildings as well. At the end of the day, all they do is add value to your properties while employing the most premium and quality standards of methods to nationwide construction projects.

What does a Building Consultant do?

The basic job profile of a Building Consultant is to advise and/or consult you to find every practical method to own, renovate, invest, develop and maintain a building. All they do so as to maximize the value of your building. The list below will tell you in detail, what a Building Consultant does:

  • Analyse the surroundings and study the structure of the building.
  • They manage the building by mitigating the risks, managing the liabilities and improving the market value of the building.
  • A Building Consultant can also advise you regarding investment and can even help you with third party negotiations and settlements.
  • The surveyors can conduct a solid and detailed Building Survey.
  • They also provide technical and commercial expertise throughout every step of the project.

Many other services like office design – project management, retail design and landlord and tenant services can also be rendered by a Building Consultant. All in all, Building Consultant is somewhat similar to a Planning Consultant. for further comparison, check out our other blog on What Does a Town Planning Consultant Do.

When to Hire a Building Consultant?

You can hire a Building Consultant at any time of your building’s life cycle. Although, it is recommended to involve one at the beginning of your project. But anyhow, whenever you hire them, the building consultant will find every possible method to improve the performance of the building in Social, Economic and Environmental aspects. 

How Much Does A Building Consultant Cost?


Hiring a Building Consultant totally depends on the size, practicality, complications around, lifespan, and condition of a building. These are the things that a professional will look for before quoting you the price. In this service industry, the prices are completely customised based on your project. But the prices are transparent and justifiable.

The basic fees of any Building Consultant are either by the hour or by the whole project, so choose the one which you are more comfortable with. But it is not all about the money though, your building is more important and the consultant you hire to work on your building is much more important than your budget.

Why should you hire a Building Consultant?

Managing and Supervising a building is a tedious task that a normal businessman or woman can not handle on their own. Hiring an expert will make you work a piece of cake and you can focus on your professional venture. A good consultancy company will help you with building codes, insurance related issues, safety measures and auditing, renovating and forward planning, extension and a lot more.

They will also increase the life cycle of your building and will add value to it as well. The building is your capital investment and you will want it to last for decades if not less. It is a long term process and with time, the technology, techniques, methods changes accordingly. Not only that but also, there are many natural events like earthquakes, floods, etc. that might harm your building if not managed properly.


In conclusion, a building consultant is like the backbone of your building who not only advises and consults you but also manages and takes care of the building. Hiring one is a rational decision as they will analyse your property properly and come up with many methods to make the whole process smoother than ever. They will also suggest you invest wisely and help you to save money and allow you to focus more on your personal and professional work.

Why us?

Planning Enforcement Limited is a group of specialists that won’t rest except if conveying the best results that you want. We would prefer not to hazard your venture with dubious hands, consequently, our group has people with more than 20 years of involvement with this field. All we care about is Customer Satisfaction, thusly, we generally offer genuine and direct guidance with full straightforwardness. A definitive objective is to make the entire cycle as basic as could be expected so somebody with no information on How these things work can without much of a stretch fathom it. As a result, we make things that are reasonable and simple so the client can be diminished from any pressure in regards to this matter.


How much does a planning consultant cost?

Costing primarily depends on the scale of your project. From Design Permission to Just consultation, Prices varies from consultant to consultant. But the average would be around £450.

Are planning consultants worth it?

Yes, absolutely they are worth every penny of yours. In fact, the whole planning process, if not done correctly, can delay the whole project by years. A Planning Consultants can navigate you through every legal process and get you out of any planning-related issues.

What is the role of a planning consultant?

The role of a Planning Consultant will get you out of any situation that you are stuck in at the beginning or during your building project. If your project leads to multiple intricacies to get planning permission and you have to interpret Planning Policy and Local Development Plans, a Planning Consultant on your side will only make this whole Planning Process smoother than ever and you will be reassured with the results as well.

How do I choose a planning consultant?

Choosing the best planning consultant for your project is very easy when you follow our steps.

What do town planning consultants do?

Planning Consultants help, supervise, and advise you with every planning related issues that you might face at any stage of your construction project. They will help you acquire the planning permission and/or in case of application rejection, they will help you to appeal for the permission.