Pre-Planning Application is a process where you consult a Planning Officer or an experienced Planning Consultant to determine the contents of a Planning Application. This pre-planning application process improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole Planning Application system, the Quality of the Planning Application and your chances of success.

In order to minimise the cost of the Planning Process, Pre-Planning Services are your best bet. By taking the advice from a Planning Officer, you will be able to determine the basic guidelines of a Planning Application, as per the latest update of the legislation. This will give you sufficient room to make changes, if any, to make your proposal the best out of the best and you will substantially improve the chances of getting the Planning Permission. Acquiring the Planning Permission not only adds value to your land but also get you on the good side of the Local Planning Authority.

Is Pre-Planning Application is necessary?

Yes, Pre-Planning Applications are necessary and will be worth your time. Even though it is not a mandatory process but pre-planning will give you important insights into the Planning Application System.

  • It will give you a complete overview of the Planning Policies and other related documents and requirements to take permission for your project.
  • This will involve multiple experts and interested parties at the very beginning of your project. Thye all will determine the issues regarding your project, comprehend the complexity of it and find solutions to improve your chances of success.
  • You can also discuss any possible modifications in your application or project.
  • It will also give you the necessary information and right format to form a Formal Planning Application, which will benefit you at later stages like Validation Stage.
  • Your Planning Performance Agreement will also be valid use as it will smoothen the whole Planning Process and helps you to manage it as well.

Who to approach for Pre-Planning Application?

To get the Pre-Planning Advice you can either consult the Local Planning Authority where a Planning Officer, employed by the Council, will get your job done or you can hire an experienced Planning Consultant who will guide you through every process of Planning Application.

Although they both charge their fees, both these parties are qualified enough to effectively give you the correct advice that you are looking for. The job of a Planning Officer limits till the Pre-Planning Application is done but a planning Consultant will last till the completion of your whole project.

Therefore, if you have perfect knowledge of the planning process and you know the ins and outs of the Planning Department, consulting the Planning Officer will be your best bet. And if you have no idea about the Planning Process then hiring a Planning Consultant will be much more beneficial for the long run of your project.

How much do they charge?

It purely depends upon your project. The charges of the Planning Officer or a Planning Consultant vary from case to case and therefore they can not quote you the exact price as it will only be determined by a full assessment of the property. Although we can answer the next question that might come in your mind, “Is it worth hiring a Planning Consultant?”

But we can ensure you the transparency of the prices from both parties. Whatever they may charge you for pre-application services, there will absolute transparency of:

  • The variations of fees are primarily based on the scale of your project, i.e., minor, major or other.
  • The level of services that might cover the cost is:
    1. The duration of the work, number of meetings and charges per site visit for better analysis.
    2. The complexity of your project may require different officers or consultants from across the local authority or other statutory or non-statutory bodies.
    3. The output by the concerning parties and average time and meetings that are going to be done by the officers or consultants.
    4. And if any third party is involved, the charges of the said party is also to be mentioned.

What services do you get for Pre-Planning Application?

The services are highly customizable and vary from project to project. There is no particular service that will effectively and efficiently fit your project. An enthusiastic Planning Officer or Consultant will take a different, elaborate and extensive approach towards your project which will turn out to be fruitful to both parties.

There are certain basic services that will benefit you and we will try to cover every aspect of your project:

  • Information of the relevant policies under which your project will be inspected.
  • Assessment of any discrepancies in the designs.
  • Analysis of any other environmental or developmental issues.
  • Incorporating your application with Sec. 106 of Planning Obligations.

How to apply for a Pre-Planning Application?

To apply for a pre-planning application, you have to keep in mind that it is a bilateral process where you give the required information to the Planning Officer or Planning Consultant and they will give you their insights into the project.

As we have mentioned earlier and we can not emphasise more on this, the documentation that is required will vary from case to case. The more complex your case is, the more paperwork it will require to study the whole project and vice versa. In a nutshell, the level of information that will require for your project will vary depending on the complexity and nature of your project. Although you do not have to provide all the information regarding your project, just the necessary ones are to be mentioned and shared with the officer or consultant.

What Planning Services after Pre-Planning Application do we offer?

Architectural Designs: 

Planning Enforcement Ltd. is an exceptionally qualified group of specialists who represent considerable authority in building plans and can manage all sorts of preparation gives that you may look from the Council. If you are wondering who to pick, a Planning Consultant or an Architect, click here.

Enforcement Notices:

The Experts know the intricate details of the Planning Council as they all have more than 20 years of involvement in this field. Therefore they can assist you with managing your implementation takes note.

Planning Appeals:

We additionally give the most productive and practical approach to secure Planning Permissions to every one of our customers who wish to present their Planning and Enforcement offers to the Council. Planning Permission will add value to your land. We also provide the most efficient and economical way to acquire Planning Permissions in York to all our clients who wish to submit their planning and enforcement appeals to the council.

Why us?

Planning Enforcement Ltd. is a team of experts that will not rest unless delivering the best result that you desire. We do not want to risk your project with uncertain hands, hence our team has individuals with over 20 years of experience in this field. All we care about is Customer Satisfaction, therefore, we always give honest and straightforward advice with full transparency. The ultimate goal is to make the whole process as simple as possible so someone with no knowledge of How these things work can easily comprehend it. Therefore we make things that are affordable and easy so that the customer can be relieved from any stress regarding this matter.


How much does a planning consultant cost?

Costing primarily depends on the scale of your project. From Design Permission to Just consultation, Prices varies from consultant to consultant. But the average would be around £450.

Are planning consultants worth it?

Yes, absolutely they are worth every penny of yours. In fact, the whole planning process, if not done correctly, can delay the whole project by years. A Planning Consultants can navigate you through every legal process and get you out of any planning-related issues.

What is the role of a planning consultant?

The role of a Planning Consultant will get you out of any situation that you are stuck in at the beginning or during your building project. If your project leads to multiple intricacies to get planning permission and you have to interpret Planning Policy and Local Development Plans, a Planning Consultant on your side will only make this whole Planning Process smoother than ever and you will be reassured with the results as well.

How do I choose a planning consultant?

Choosing the best planning consultant for your project is very easy when you follow our steps.

What do town planning consultants do?

Planning Consultants help, supervise, and advise you with every planning related issues that you might face at any stage of your construction project. They will help you acquire the planning permission and/or in case of application rejection, they will help you to appeal for the permission.