Minor breaches would typically include items such as a fence panel being left off, a code-compliant window installed but not the right size or a sign not quite in the right place.

Major or Serious breaches might include a failure to remove an old pool which you have been made aware of, a structure erected without permission or a persistent refusal to carry out work to rectify anti-social behaviour problems.

If your Breach Report relates to something more serious than these examples, please let the Local Planning Authority know so they can follow it up appropriately and provide you with accurate timescales for resolving the case. Also note that there is a right to Object against an Undesirable Development, so you have to keep every possibility in mind.

Please do not wait until formal enforcement action has been taken before contacting Enforcement Team because this could result in unnecessary delay and additional expense.

For instance, if the Council seek to take formal enforcement action against your property and you contact them to let them know that you plan to demolish the structure, they may be able to take no further action.

If your Breach Report relates to a matter of non-compliance where formal enforcement action is not appropriate, please let the LPA know and they will close the file if the breach is resolved within 14 days or confirm with you at an early stage whether our Enforcement Team has sufficient resources available to resolve it in less time.

Please note: this will apply even if formal enforcement action was taken against another property on your street. When non-compliances are found in multiple dwellings at one address, they will normally be dealt with as a joint breach unless there are exceptional circumstances.

You can choose whether or not this breach Report is sent to your local authority.

If you do not want this Breach Report to be sent to the Council, please write ‘Do Not Contact Local Authority’ on the front of your envelope or on top of this form and return it in the prepaid envelope provided within 14 days.

    This Breach Report is a final warning before formal enforcement action is taken unless there are additional circumstances that indicate why the breach should be dealt with informally.

    You must send a letter within 14 days to avoid formal enforcement action being taken. If the Council do not hear from you within this time scale, this will be considered as an indication that you do not wish us to take any further action on your behalf and the case will be closed.
    In this instance, formal enforcement action could potentially still be taken against your property in future if significant harm has been caused or if there have been no improvements made.

    Please note:

    • The LPA cannot offer any protection from liability in the event of an accident occurring as a result of non-compliance.
    • If your Breach Report relates to something more serious than these examples, for instance, an illegal structure, please let the Local Planning Authority know as they will be unable to take any further action on your behalf if formal enforcement action has been taken against your property. In this case, even if the breach is resolved, you will remain liable for any damage or injury that might occur as a result of the breach.