Enforcement Notice is a notice sent by the Planning Department when they believe that whatever your new project is, that is a breach of the Planning Control. The Objective of sending an Enforcement Notice is to halt the development till the further update.

Whenever you receive an Enforcement Notice, the Local Planning Authority will make you aware of the breach of the Planning Control. Other than this reason, the Local Planning Authority will also tell you regarding the steps/actions that they are going to take to neutralise the breach. Even though the Enforcement Notice can be sent by the Local Planning Authority for many plausible reasons but one of the common reasons for sending the Notice is not having the Planning Permission.

The Notice will be sent to all the known owners of the property. The Local Planning Authority will also mention the directions on how to make an Appeal against the Enforcement Notice. Remember, there are rights to appeal to the Enforcement Notice and you can challenge them if you are not satisfied with the council’s decision or the Council has delayed their decision. You have to reciprocate the Enforcement Notice as ignoring it will end matters in the Court.

How to Appeal an Enforcement Notice?

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, you can not appeal via post therefore you have to approach the Planning Inspectorate online. Along with that, you also have to attach all the supporting documents to a copy of the Appeal and send that to your Local Planning Authority. It will all be mentioned in the Notice that you were sent to you in the first place.

Documents that you are going to upload online are:

  • A copy of the Enforcement Notice that you received,
  • Your Plan, if you have any, and
  • Any other document that can back you up with the appeal and help you to win the case.

Note: In case if you have received more than one notice, you have to appeal each notice separately.

Although there is no exact process to appeal an Enforcement Notice because it varies from project to project. But you can ask the Local Planning Authority for the process that is specifically designed for your Project.

For Professional Support, you can always hire an expert who will guide you through every complex step of Enforcement Appeal. Hiring a Professional is rather easy as you can either hire an official Planning Consultant from the Local Planning Authority or hire an independent firm. Either way, whoever you may pick, try to go with the one who has years of experience and know their way around every intricate method of the Planning Process. If you need any assistance while finding the best Planning Consultant near you, read this. Hiring a Planning Consultant will totally be worth every penny of yours and it will help you to get out of the Development Hell.