Now that you have made up your mind about hiring a Planning Consultant and you know that they are totally worth your every penny, the question is, How to hire them? For your convenience, we have listed the most essential key elements that you should consider before selecting the best Planning Consultant for your project.

What are the key elements you should check while choosing a Planning Consultant?

In order to select the best Planning Consultant, three aspects one should consider first and those are:

  • Their Knowledge,
  • Their Experience, and
  • Their Previous works/Clients.

We will try to explain this even further.

Professional Knowledge and Expertise

While selecting a Consultant, you should look for their professional knowledge and how well they handle complex situations. The first and most obvious point that many of you forget most of the time. 

There are different sectors in the Planning Department and each Planning Consultant is an expert in their own field. Some are good at dealing with enforcement appeals while some are good at Planning Applications and the Permission. For more details on Enforcement Appeals, Click Here.

On top of that, a Planning Consultant should also be confident and competent enough to take care of the project without any help. So, before selecting a consultant, look for their knowledge and experience. Also, for further research, you should also look for:

  • Their facilitation skills that suit your requirements.
  • Whether they are registered consultants or not (and if they are a member of RTPI, then you might have hit the jackpot here).

Experience and Past Projects

You should also look for the work experience of the Planning Consultant before selecting them. An Experienced Consultant not only has the knowledge of the process but also has complete knowledge of the System. This makes them a better contender than a rookie or young consultant.

An Experienced Planning Consultant also has a lot of contacts and connections in the market as well. And with time, they will become more aware of other services which are almost impossible for a newbie to master.


And finally, after reviewing everything, you check for previous clients, their testimonials and their reviews. This will tell you whether the Consultant is a people person or not. This is an important aspect that most people ignore before selecting a Planning Consultant.


After reviewing all the aspects of a good experienced Planning Consultant, you are all set to select the one who is best suitable for your project. But now you have to figure out as to when should you hire one.

When and Why do you need a Planning Consultant?

A Planning Consultant will be needed throughout your project. We have categorised your project into three parts for your convenience:

Application and Permission Part:

You can hire a Planning Consultant while forming an application. They will analyse your blueprint and then help you construct a fantastic Planning Application to get you the Planning Permission.

Acquiring the Planning Permission is very important as without this, you may receive an enforcement Notice ordering you to halt/ undo all your work. It will also increase you land value and you can even draw your own Planning Permission on your own.

Planning Permission can be needed if:

  • You’re building something new from scratch.
  • You’re making a major change in your building i.e. adding another floor.
  • You’re changing the use of your building.

To find whether you need planning permission, visit your Local Council to contact your Local Planning Authority (LAP).

Planning Part:

You can hire a Planning Consultant at the very beginning of your project, i.e., at the Planning Phase. Most people make a common mistake by hiring an Architect. It is good to hire one for designing purposes but many a time, Architects overlook certain environmental or developmental aspects which, later on, creates an issue that might lead to a halt of your project.

This, however, can be solved by hiring a Planning Consultant who knows architecture as well. They can guide you through every planning step and consult you whenever you require their help so you will not face any planning, development or environmental issues.

Appeal Phase:

You can hire a Planning Consultant when you have to make an appeal to the Council. Appeals are of many times and can be tricky if you make even a minute mistake. Two of the situations for writing an appeal would be, when your Planning Permission Application gets rejected and when you receive an Enforcement Notice.

In both cases, you have to have an in-depth knowledge of the Planning Law and you should know your way around the Planning Policy. You also have to be updated with the latest variations in the legislation.

Hiring a Professional will be much more efficient and can save you time and money. Their years of experience will give them an upper hand over other cheap rookie consultants and they will be able to explain the process and steps in detail for you to understand.

Why us?


Planning Enforcement Limited is a team of experts specialised in both architectural work and Planning Consultancy as well. They will not rest unless delivering the best result that you desire. They do not want to risk your project with uncertain hands, hence their team has individuals with over 20 years of experience in this field. All they care about is Customer Satisfaction, therefore, they will always give honest and straightforward advice with full transparency. The ultimate goal is to make the whole process as simple as possible so someone with no knowledge of How these things work can easily comprehend it.


How much does a planning consultant cost?

Costing primarily depends on the scale of your project. From Design Permission to Just consultation, Prices varies from consultant to consultant. But the average would be around £450.

Are planning consultants worth it?

Yes, absolutely they are worth every penny of yours. In fact, the whole planning process, if not done correctly, can delay the whole project by years. A Planning Consultants can navigate you through every legal process and get you out of any planning-related issues.

What is the role of a planning consultant?

The role of a Planning Consultant will get you out of any situation that you are stuck in at the beginning or during your building project. If your project leads to multiple intricacies to get planning permission and you have to interpret Planning Policy and Local Development Plans, a Planning Consultant on your side will only make this whole Planning Process smoother than ever and you will be reassured with the results as well.

How do I choose a planning consultant?

Choosing the best planning consultant for your project is very easy when you follow our steps.

What do town planning consultants do?

Planning Consultants help, supervise, and advise you with every planning related issues that you might face at any stage of your construction project. They will help you acquire the planning permission and/or in case of application rejection, they will help you to appeal for the permission.