Yes, you most certainly can draw your own plans of Planning Permission. In fact, by doing that, you will save yourself the time of explaining your plans to a Consultant and you do not have to rely on them either. Drawing a plan for Planning Permission will add value to your land as well. All you need is an extensive knowledge of the Planning Process and CAD Software for optimum results.

If you are wondering whether you need Planning Permission in the first place, this primarily depends upon your project. You will be needing a Planning Permission in three cases, i.e.,

  1. Adding an extension to your building,
  2. Building a structure from the scratch, and
  3. Changing it from residence to commercial building or vice-versa.

These three situations will require Planning Permission from your Local Planning Authority. But the job ain’t done yet, as in case your Application gets rejected, you should be able to make an Appeal for it as well.

Now that you know that your project requires Planning Permission, now you have to fill out certain forms, list of questions along with the Certificate of Ownership. The plan should be in exact measurements as well and it should have detailed information about your project explain why you need Planning Permission.

Types of Plans you will be required to draw for Planning Permission?

There are three types of Plans required along with some question forms and the Certificate of Ownership:

Location Plan

This should have detailed information on the location of your property with an updated map along with the adjacent buildings to ensure the exact location of the site. 

Block Plan / Site Plan

It is like a Location Plan but on a larger scale. This plan should be submitted and the legislation requires 3 copies of this plan along with the original copy.

Floor Plans and Elevation

The Floor Plans should show precisely what is proposed in the application and how it relates to the existing dwelling. You should also give the details of the materials that are going to be used with type and colour.

For further details, visit your Local Council to contact your Local Planning Authority (LAP).

What are the fields to master to draw the Planning Permission?

In order to draw the Planning Permission, there are certain skills that you should have a solid grip on. A few of them are:

  • You should be able to perform a well detailed Market Analysis to study the building structure and its surroundings.
  • You should also have good knowledge of measurements and blueprint plans and how to study a map as well.
  • You should also have good time management skills to draw the plans before the deadlines and Submission Dates.
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal, also the confidence to speak your mind in front of the council during Appeals.
  • Logical Skillset to evaluate the practicality of Planning Proposals and their competence against various Planning Laws.
  • Quick Decision-making skills and Creativity.
  • Complete Knowledge of CAD software to make 3D designs.
  • And last but definitely the most important of them all, a perfect and updated knowledge of Planning Law, Planning Process and Legislation with good connections in the Planning Department.

Master these skills and you are all set to draw the best Plan the Planning Department has ever seen and you will get that Planning Permission in no time.


If that is a bit too much for you, or you need any kind of guidance regarding Planning, try hiring us…


Planning Enforcement Limited is a team of experts specialised in both architectural work and Planning Consultancy as well. They will not rest unless delivering the best result that you desire. They do not want to risk your project with uncertain hands, hence their team has individuals with over 20 years of experience in this field. All they care about is Customer Satisfaction, therefore, they will always give honest and straightforward advice with full transparency. The ultimate goal is to make the whole process as simple as possible so someone with no knowledge of How these things work can easily comprehend it.


How much does a planning consultant cost?

Costing primarily depends on the scale of your project. From Design Permission to Just consultation, Prices varies from consultant to consultant. But the average would be around £450.

Are planning consultants worth it?

Yes, absolutely they are worth every penny of yours. In fact, the whole planning process, if not done correctly, can delay the whole project by years. A Planning Consultants can navigate you through every legal process and get you out of any planning-related issues.

What is the role of a planning consultant?

The role of a Planning Consultant will get you out of any situation that you are stuck in at the beginning or during your building project. If your project leads to multiple intricacies to get planning permission and you have to interpret Planning Policy and Local Development Plans, a Planning Consultant on your side will only make this whole Planning Process smoother than ever and you will be reassured with the results as well.

How do I choose a planning consultant?

Choosing the best planning consultant for your project is very easy when you follow our steps.

What do town planning consultants do?

Planning Consultants help, supervise, and advise you with every planning related issues that you might face at any stage of your construction project. They will help you acquire the planning permission and/or in case of application rejection, they will help you to appeal for the permission.