Planning Appeals are usually made against the decisions made by the Local Planning Authority or if the Local Planning Authority failed to make a decision within 8 weeks for normal projects and 10-13 weeks if the project is big. It is the right of every citizen of the UK and there is no fee for making an Appeal.

The time limit for making an Appeal is 6 months within the decision has been made by the Local Planning Authority. And if there is an Enforcement Notice, then you have to make an Appeal within 28 days of the notice.

Anyhow, if you are planning for an appeal then you should first approach the Local Planning Authority to make any adjustments to the proposal that would make it more acceptable. But this varies from case to case therefore it is advisable to first consult your Local Planning Authority first.

You should also keep the plus points of the case in mind before making an appeal. Along with that, you should have solid reasons to make an appeal. If the reason for the appeal is childish or immature, then you might have to pay a fine for that. There are hundreds of Appeals lodged every week and around 33% succeeds.., therefore, hiring a Consultant is highly advisable.

What are the types of Appeals?

Planning Appeals:

When your Planning Application is being refused, you can lodge a Planning Appeal. But not just refused, Planning Appeals can be filed against any unfavourable decisions made by the Local Planning Authority with respect to your case. It will get you the Planning Permission which will add value to your land.


Due to COVID-19, you can not appeal by post however you can still approach the Planning Inspectorate via online platforms. And if you have to make an appeal for more than one decision, you can make separate appeals for each decision.

Send your copy of your appeal along with related documents to your Local Planning Authority. To know more about related documents, you should check It is highly recommended that you hire a good Planning Enforcement for smooth sailing of your whole process.

Householders Appeals:

Householders Appeals are to be lodged when the Local Planning Authority makes any undesirable decision against the planning of your alteration or enlargement of your house within its boundaries including the garden. The deadline for the appeal is 12 weeks.


The process requires the submission of all written documents with drawings included at the time when you are lodging the appeal. For further details, go to your Local Planning Authority or visit

Enforcement Appeals:

Enforcement Appeals are made against Enforcement Notices. Two reasons for receiving Enforcement Notice in the first place is:

Not having Planning Permission, and

Not following the conditions made during the acceptance of Planning Permission.

You are required to act within 28 days of the notice.


The process to lodge an Enforcement Notice varies from project to project. And you can find many grounds on which you can lodge an appeal.

For further details, do visit

Listed Building Appeals:

You can make a Listed Building Appeal when your Local Planning Authority makes an unfavourable decision against your Listed Building Consent. If you do not agree with the decision or the LPA haven’t made the decision within 8 weeks, you can lodge an appeal for it.


The process is somewhat similar to that of Planning Appeal and you can even combine the two for convenience.

Lawful Development Certificate Appeals:

You can make a Lawful Development Certificate Appeals when your Local Planning Authority makes an unfavourable decision against your Lawful Development Certificate. If you do not agree with the decision or the LPA haven’t made the decision within 8 weeks, you can lodge an appeal for it.

You can submit the appeal to the Planning inspectorate where you can provide enough proof for the lawfulness of any development on your property.

Tree Preservation Order Appeals

The council can make decisions regarding any developments/alterations of trees protected by preservation orders. You can appeal for the decision if you disagree with them or it has not been made within 8 weeks of the decision.

Please note that you can not appeal against the Tree Preservation Order which includes: cutting down, topping. Lopping. Uprooting, Wilful Damage and Willful Destruction.

High Hedges Appeal

High Hedge Appeals are lodged against the council decision when either a complaint is sent to the council about the hedge or you own, rent or reside on the land where the hedge is on.

The LPA makes decisions and issues remedial orders against High Hedges. For further information about High Hedges, you can check under part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

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