Planning Enforcement is the UK’s only householder planning appeals specialist, helping hundreds of homeowners & small developers obtain planning permission each year

Large developers have the resources to make the most of the planning system. They have the understanding that the best way to get permission is to appeal the decision, advised by several consultants.

Homeowners and smaller developers fail to appeal, in fact statistics show that less than 20% of homeowners planning refusals are appealed against. They trust the councils and case officers will make a fair decision, this is because very few homeowners are aware that they can get the case reconsidered by appealing the case. All the more, councils receive no feedback which results in the quality of their decisions does not improve.

Regrettably when homeowners accept a planning refusal without appealing, they give up on their dream of a large open plan family kitchen or live without that extra bedroom for growing children. As for small businesses, they accept less suitable, premises which developers sell land on, but at a loss.

There are several reasons why wrong decisions are made. For instance, planning officers are overworked and underpaid; they process hundreds of applications every year and are under pressure to make a decision within a short amount of time. They may also be working with outdated policies and must deal with objecting neighbours and local council politics.

Disapprovals are generally overturned at the appealing stage, we win hundreds of appeals each year which include allowing extensions, loft conversions and outbuildings to go ahead despite council objections. We help developers obtain permission for new dwellings and for small businesses to open new premises.

Planning Enforcement can help…

If you have been refused planning permission, contact us now!

We will review your case and give you a free, objective assessment of your chances of success at appeal. We only take on cases with a strong chance of a positive outcome, and we will advise whether or not you should change your plans or to resubmit your planning application.

Appeals are quicker, easier and cheaper than people expect. Though we cannot guarantee victory, we aim to give you the best possible chance of getting planning permission for your development

Never ignore an Enforcement Notice

Each year, more than 5,000 householders receive Enforcement Notices alleging that they have carried out works without planning permission. Often, our clients are completely unaware that planning permission was required.

Enforcement action is stressful and costly but we provide professional support and guidance. Send us a copy of your Enforcement Notice for more information on the options available to you.

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