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Our Planning Consultants Specialize in Planning Appeals

We planning consultants in UK, help homeowners and developers who have been unfairly disapproved of planning permission or have been served with an enforcement notice.

Planning Appeals

We provide a clear and simple route to planning permission for domestic and business clients wishing to submit planning and enforcement appeals.

Planning Enforcement

We give honest, straightforward advice and aim to make planning and enforcement appeals as easy, affordable and stress-free as possible.


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The personal touch – When choosing a company for your legal issue, you will feel that we treat you with a more personal touch. This is because we understand how certain local matters might affect your case.
One to One – One of the biggest benefits is that your case will get the one to one attention it deserves. We will listen to you, read through everything and we will propose options best suited to you.
A fair chance – We believe in giving our clients a fair chance, we will establish whether your site has the right ingredients for securing planning permission before we begin.
Confidence  – WE CAN HELP WITH PLAN DRAWINGS when appealing for a planning application.

Richard S - Southampton

We built an extension on our house all thanks to Planning Enforcement. We were refused by the Council beforehand and they sorted it out for us.
Thank you very much!

Tiffany G - Preston

These guys helped us appeal the councils decision of tearing down our oversized shed. Now the kids have more space to play in the garden. And it only took 6 months. Thanx!

Emma P - Birstall

Being a mum of three, working and having a side business (at home), I had very little space and time to myself with the boys being everywhere I was. My side business was growing and I didn’t have space dedicated to it, often things will go missing. The council refused my planning permission and I didn’t know what to do, my friend recommended planning enforcement to appeal the case, i didnt even know we could do that! Within a year I had extended the back of my house with several extra rooms made including the boys play area and my work station! Im so happy with the results, it was definitely worth it!

Ali K - Middlesborough

Very impressed with the professionalism and effort put into my refusal. Will definitely  recommend to anyone who was refused planning permission by their local council. Me and my wife worked so hard building our little empire, we finally have something worth giving down to our children one day. If it wasnt for planning enforcement we would have just left the refusal as it was. Thanks once again guys, you’re brilliant at what you do.

Paul S - Wakefield

I own a business, a nippy restaurant which i wanted to expand as our customer base grew. I thought it was straight forward and easy to put an application in and get permission. After the refusal I looked into similar cases and did my research. I consulted a few companies who help appeal your case but I wasnt very keen on them. I decided to go with Planning Enforcement as i felt they took every step seriously and they were very thorough in their work. We had a detailed consultation, which they took my paperwork and assessed whether there is a chance of getting permission and then they kept me in the loop the entire time, asked if I was ok with this or that. Great service, great results. My restaurant expansion is a dream come true.

A Planning Consultant is the expert you go to when you need any information, advice and/or assistance regarding renovation or construction of your house, office or any building for that matter within United Kingdom. If you face any planning, development or environment related issues, the Planning Consultant will be the one you should go to. If you have hired a good Planning Consultant in United Kingdom, you do not have to worry about any problems which might arise at any time of the Planning Process, and it will totally be worth your every penny.

Their in-depth knowledge of the Planning Law, years of experience around the complexity of Planning System and every minute detail of Planning Permission can provide you with the most proficient and economical solutions that can save you both time and money. Due to fluctuations in the legislation, for a layman, acquiring the Planning Permission is extremely complex to fathom in UK.

The consultants in UK know every rules and regulation which can be crucial to get you permission for your projects. Even if you know your way around these intricated rules, you still have to find your way through obligations, officers, charges, fees, appeals and committees to get your work done properly. And in case if you made an even a tiny mistake on your way, your project can be halt for years. Planning Consultants know the whole process and can get your work done without any hassle.

What does Planning Permission mean?

Planning Permission refers to the permission you require to either renovate or make a new dwelling. Planning Permission will add value to your land and it can be needed if:

  • You’re building something new from scratch.
  • You’re making a major change in your building i.e. adding another floor.
  • You’re changing the use of your building.

To find whether you need planning permission, visit your Local Council to contact your Local Planning Authority (LAP).


If you have started or going to start your work without getting the planning permission, an “Enforcement Notice” can order you to undo all your modifications and you will be back to square one.

Why do you need a Planning Consultant in UK in the first place?

A Planning Consultant is an expert whose knowledge will get you out of any situation. Whether you are stuck in at the beginning or during your building project, a good Planning Consultant will get out out of any situation in no time. If your project leads to multiple intricacies to get planning permission and you have to interpret Planning Policy and Local Development Plans, a Planning Consultant on your side will only make this whole Planning Process smoother than ever and you will be reassured with the results as well.

Having the Consultant at the commencement of your project will only increase your success rate to get your Planning Permission. Many people often rely on their architects to handle the whole process which is good to get design permissions, but inefficient when it comes to getting planning permission under complex situations.

What is the difference between a Planning Consultant and an Architect in UK?

  • If you have to compare between UK’s Planning Consultant and Architect, it all depends on What you actually need. If you are planning to either renovate/extend your property or even build from the ground up, a Planning Consultant will make an accurate Planning Application to your LAP. This will increase your chances to get approved. Whereas an Architect will get you the Design Permission from your LAP.
  • The planning Consultant will also act as your agent when your application is being refused. This will give them the chance to either withdraw it or make an appeal. Normally Planning Department avoids Appeal, therefore having an Expert onboard will decrease the chances of your application being refused by the department.
  • To know more whether you need a Planning Consultant or an Architect, check out our this article “Planning Consultant vs. Architect”

What Consultancy do we offer in Planning?

Architectural Designs: 

Planning Enforcement Ltd. is a highly qualified team of experts in United Kingdom who are specialised in architectural designs and can deal with any and all kinds of planning issues that you might face from the Council.

Enforcement Notices:

The professionals that work with Planning Enforcement Ltd. in UK know ins and out of the Planning Council and can help you deal with your enforcement notices. With over 20 years of experience, our professionals can easily guide you through every legal step to get you the results that you wanted.

Planning Appeals:

Planning Enforcement Ltd. will help you deal with the Planning Department by appealing on our behalf once your application gets rejected by them or you received an enforcement notice. We also provide the most efficient and economical way to acquire Planning Permissions to all our clients who wish to submit their planning and enforcement appeals to the council.

Why us?

Planning Enforcement Limited is a team of experts in UK that will not rest unless delivering the best result that you desire. We do not want to risk your project with uncertain hands, hence our team has individuals with over 20 years of experience in this field. All we care about is Customer Satisfaction, therefore, we always give honest and straightforward advice with full transparency. The ultimate goal is to make the whole process as simple as possible so someone with no knowledge of How these things work can easily comprehend it. Therefore we make things that are affordable and easy so that the customer can be relieved from any stress regarding this matter.


How much does a planning consultant cost?

Costing primarily depends on the scale of your project. From Design Permission to Just consultation, Prices varies from consultant to consultant. But the average would be around £450.

Are planning consultants worth it?

Yes, absolutely they are worth every penny of yours. In fact, the whole planning process, if not done correctly, can delay the whole project by years. A Planning Consultants can navigate you through every legal process and get you out of any planning-related issues.

What is the role of a planning consultant?

The role of a Planning Consultant will get you out of any situation that you are stuck in at the beginning or during your building project. If your project leads to multiple intricacies to get planning permission and you have to interpret Planning Policy and Local Development Plans, a Planning Consultant on your side will only make this whole Planning Process smoother than ever and you will be reassured with the results as well.

How do I choose a planning consultant?

Choosing the best planning consultant for your project is very easy when you follow our steps.

What do town planning consultants do?

Planning Consultants help, supervise, and advise you with every planning related issues that you might face at any stage of your construction project. They will help you acquire the planning permission and/or in case of application rejection, they will help you to appeal for the permission.